Top Albums of 2012

* indicates Canadian Content
** indicates a local artist

1 Purity Ring* Shrines (Last Gang)
2 Japandroids* Celebration Rock (Polyvinyl)
3 Mother Mother* The Sticks (Last Gang)
4 Bend Sinister* Small Fame (File Under: Music)
5 The Black Keys El Camino (Nonesuch)
6 Metric* Synthetica (Metric Music)
7 White Lung* Sorry (Deranged)
8 Duchess Says* In a Fung Day T! (Alien8)
9 The Hypnotics* Static Fuzz Radio (Independent)
10 Diamond Rings* Free Dimensional (Secret City)
11 PS I Love You* Death Dreams (Paper Bag)
12 Silvergun and Spleen* Semi Truck (Rage)
13 Shimmering Stars* Violent Hearts (Hardly Art)
14 Yukon Blonde* Tiger Talk (Dine Alone)
15 Islands* A Sleep and a Forgetting (Anti)
16 Delhi 2 Dublin* Dubland EP (Independent)
17 Rah Rah* The Poet's Dead (Hidden Pony)
18 Stars* The North (Soft Revolution)
19 Said the Whale* Little Mountain (Hidden Pony)
20 Rocky Mountain Rebel Music* Vic Sound System (Independent)
21 AC Newman* Shut Down the Streets (Last Gang)
22 Tame Impala Lonerism (Modular)
23 Whitehorse* The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss (Six Shooter)
24 D.O.A.* Hardcore '81 (reissue) (Sudden Death)
25 Ringo Deathstarr Shadow EP/Mauve (Sonic Unyon)
26 No Sinner* Boo Hoo Hoo EP (First Love)
27 Zeus* Busting Visions (Arts and Crafts)
28 Grizzly Bear Shields (Warp)
29 Rococode* Guns, Sex and Glory (Head in the Sand)
30 Hey Ocean!* Is (Nettwerk)
31 Current Swell* Long Time Ago (Warner)
32 Blackberry Wood* Strong Man vs. Russian Bears (Independent)
33 Dirty Ghosts* Metal Moon (Last Gang)
34 Parlovr* Kook Soul (Dine Alone)
35 Hannah Georgas* Hannah Georgas (Dine Alone)
36 The Elwins* And I Thank You (Independent)
37 The Counters* This Doesn't Mean We're Friends (Colonel Mustard)
38 Christ vs. Krishna* Sidewalk Astronomy (Independent)
39 Yukon Blonde* Fire//Water EP (Dine Alone)
40 Matt Mays* Coyote (Sonic)
41 Ladyhawk* No Can Do (Triple Crown)
42 The Poor Choices* Girl Crimes (Shake!)
43 The Real McKenzies* Westwinds (Stomp)
44 Cinderpop* Manic Sparkles (Popaganda)
45 The Arkells* Michigan Left (Universal)
46 Gang Signs* Gang Signs (Independent)
47 Hot Panda* Go Outside (Mint)
48 Nanette Workman* Just Gettin' Started (Bros)
49 Chris Stevens** When the Wagon Was New (Independent)
50 Passion Pit Gossamer (Columbia)
51 Ballgag 'n Chain Gang* Bang! (Independent)
52 Siren Songs* Demo (Independent)
53 Young Empires* Wake All My Youth (Pirates Blend)
54 Gorillaz The Singles Collection (Virgin)
55 The Long Weekends* Don't Reach Out EP (No Yes)
56 Deerhoof Breakup Song (Polyvinyl)
57 The Luyas* Animator (Paper Bag)
58 Money in the Banana Stand* Giant Steps II (Bird Law)
59 Young Pacific* Lone Fire (Independent)
60 Cancer Bats* Dead Set on Living (Distort)
61 Cannon Bros.* Firecracker/Cloudglow (Disintegration)
62 Parallels* XII (Marigold)
63 Jon and Roy* Let it Go (Warner)
64 Hellbound Hepcats* No. 2 (Stomp)
65 Gordon Lightfoot* All Live (Rhino)
66 Pennywise All or Nothing (Epitaph)
67 Maximum RNR* The Black and White Years (Independent)
68 Steph MacPherson* Bells and Whistles (Cordova Bay)
69 Ondatropica Ondatropica (Soundway)
70 The Zolas* Ancient Mars (Light Organ)
71 Chains of Love* Dark Grey Days (Dine Alone)
72 Brandi Disterheft* Gratitude (Justin Time)
73 Hellaluya/Cartoons* Split LP (Daps)
74 Mode Moderne* Strange Bruises (Light Organ)
75 Susie Arioli* All the Way (Spectra)
76 The Shins Port of Morrow (Columbia)
77 Brasstronaut* Mean Sun (Unfamiliar)
78 Army Girls* Close to the Bone (Blocks)
79 The Waxbills* When Love Comes (Independent)
80 Cat Power Sun (Matador)
81 Drums and Wires* Waiting on the Moon (Independent)
82 Various Artists* Have Not Been the Same Vol. 1 (Zunior)
83 We Need Surgery* We Need Surgery (Light Organ)
84 D.O.A.* We Come in Peace (Sudden Death)
85 JW-Jones* Seventh Hour (Independent)
86 Modern Superstitions* Modern Superstitions (Last Gang)
87 The xx Coexist (Young Turks)
88 Be Good Tanyas* A Collection (Nettwerk)
89 Delhi 2 Dublin* Turn Up the Stereo (Independent)
90 Dusted* Total Dust (Polyvinyl)
91 The Perms* Sofia Nights (Hugtight)
92 Wilderness of Manitboa* Island of Echoes (Pheromone)
93 Eight and a Half* Eight and a Half (Arts and Crafts)
94 David Byrne and St. Vincent Love This Giant (4AD)
95 Kathryn Calder* Bright and Vivid (File Under: Music)
96 The Darcys* Aja (Arts and Crafts)
97 Myths* Mtyhs (Independent)
98 The Ripperz* You Are the Moon (Newform Label)
99 Sonic Avenues* Television Youth (Dirtnap)
100 Propagandhi* Failed States (Epitaph)

CFBX Top 25 Jazz Albums for 2012

1 Peter Appleyard* The Lost 1974 Sessions (Linus)
2 Brandi Disterheft* Gratitude (Justin Time)
3 Bria Skonberg* So is the Day (Random Act)
4 Mike Field* Ashes (Independent)
5 Taurey Butler* Taurey Butler (Justin Time)
6 Aimtoronto Orchestra* Year of the Boar (Barnyard)
7 Joseph Leo Bwarie Nothin' But Love (Independent)
8 Thea Neumann* Lady and the Tramps (Independent)
9 Amy Cervini* Digging Me, Digging You (Anzic)
10 Peter Appleyard* Sophisticated Ladies (Linus)
11 Jane Bunnett* Mundo: The World of Jane Bunnett (EMI)
12 Janice Finlay* Anywhere But Here (Independent)
13 Five Alarm Funk* Crack the Sky (Independent)
14 Alexis Baro* Blue Skin (G-Three)
15 James Danderfer Trio* Swingin' at the Patricia (Reigning Parade)
16 Susie Arioli* All the Way (Spectra)
17 Eucalyptus* Eucalyptus (Blocks)
18 Oliver Jones* Live in Baden, Switzerland (Justin Time)
19 Jennifer Scott and Brasiliera* Sonho Meu (Cellar Live)
20 Kevin Dean/PJ Perry Quintet* Ubiquitous (Cellar Live)
21 Ralf Buschmeyer* Jazzspeak (Chonograph)
22 Johanna Sillanpaa* Make of Me (Chronograph)
23 Chicago Underground Duo Age of Energy (Northern Spy)
24 Sophie Milman* In the Moonlight (E1)
25 Carol Welsman* Journey (Justin Time)

CFBX Top 25 World Beat/Reggae Albums for 2012

1 Delhi 2 Dublin* Dubland EP (Independent)
2 Amadou and Mariam* Folila (Because)
3 Various Artists Brazilian Beat (Putumayo)
4 Battle of Santiago* Full Colour (Made with Pencil Crayons)
5 Babalao Stereo Club* The Latin Bang Theory (Independent)
6 Everton "Pablo" Paul and LA Academia* Remembrance (7 Arts)
7 Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars Radio Salone (Cumbancha)
8 Jane Bunnett* Mundo: The World of Jane Bunnett (EMI)
9 Lars Hollmer With Floury Hands (Sketches) (Cuneiform)
10 Jennifer Scott and Brasiliera* Sonho Meu (Cellar Live)
11 Tania Maria Tempo (Naive)
12 Caetano Veloso and David Byrne Live at Carnegie Hall (Nonesuch)
13 Sachal Jazz Orchestra Sachall Jazz (E1)
14 Daniela Nardi* Espresso Manifesto (Minerva Road)
15 Juju In Trance (Real World)
16 Rodrigo y Gabriela Area 52 (ATO)
17 Sarazino Everday Salama (Cumbancha)
18 Andy Akiho No One to Know One (Innova)
19 Gurrumul Rrakela (Justin Time)
20 Don Cherry Organic Music Society (Caprice)
21 Gilles Peterson Havana Cultura: the Search Continues (Brownswood)
22 Resolutionaries Marimba Band* Marimba Explosion (Independent)
23 Samuel Yirga Guzo (Real World)
24 Cristina Branco Live in Amsterdam (ARC Music)
25 Junkyard Symphony* Earth Music (Independent)

CFBX Top 25 Metal/Loud Albums for 2012

1 White Lung* Sorry (Deranged)
2 The Poor Choices* Girl Crimes (Shake!)
3 D.O.A.* Hardcore 81 (reissue) (Sudden Death)
4 The Hypnotics* Static Fuzz Radio (Independent)
5 Propagandhi* Failed States (Epitaph)
6 Silvergun and Spleen* Semi Truck (Rage)
7 Cold Warps* Cold Warps/Endless Bummer (No Yes)
8 Famine** First World Problems (Independent)
9 Outofsight* Outofsight EP (Independent)
10 Real McKenzies* Westwinds (Stomp)
11 The Famines* The Complete Collected Singles (Mammoth Cave)
12 The Great Sabatini* Matterhorn EP (No List)
13 Hellbound Hepcats* No. 2 (Stomp)
14 Sonic Avenues* Television Youth (Dirtnap)
15 Childsplay* Righteous Rampage (Independent)
16 Cancer Bats* Dead Set on Living (Distort)
17 The Locust Molecular Genetics (Anti)
18 Pujol United States of Being (Saddle Creek)
19 Monster Truck* The Brown EP (Dine Alone)
20 Adaptive Reaction* Family Entertainment (P in a Circle)
21 Maximum RNR* The Black and White Years (Independent)
22 Crystal Swells* Harshside/Sludgefreaks EP (Independent)
23 Die Mannequin* Danceland (E1)
24 Famine/Koszmar** Split LP (Independent)
25 Pennywise All or Nothing (Epitaph)

CFBX Top 25 Electronic Albums for 2012

1 Purity Ring* Shrines (Last Gang)
2 Humans* Traps (Hybridity)
3 Digits* Where Do You Belong? EP (Independent)
4 Misstress Barbara* Many Shades of Grey (MapleMusic)
5 Lemonade Diver (True Panther Sounds)
6 Gang Signs* Gang Signs (Independent)
7 Myths* Myths (Independent)
8 Eight and a Half* Eight and a Half (Arts and Crafts)
9 Kashoo* Kashoo (Independent)
10 Twin Shadow Confess (4AD)
11 Micropanik* The Fall of Melancopolis (Independent)
12 You'll Never Get to Heaven* You'll Never Get to Haven (Divorce)
13 Bloody Beetroots Church of Noise EP (Ultra)
14 Parallels* XII (Marigold)
15 Chase and Status No More Idols (Mercury)
16 Synthcake* Musicophilia (Independent)
17 Death Cab for Cutie Keys and Codes Remixes EP (Atlantic)
18 Trust* TRST (Arts and Crafts)
19 Artist of the Year* Up Yours (Good People)
20 Phedre* Phedre (Daps)
21 Diamond Rings* Free Dimensional (Secret City)
22 Various Artists* Nightwaves Compilation Vol. 3 (Independent)
23 Paradise Animals* Paradise Animals (Independent)
24 CFCF* Exercises (Paper Bag)
25 Gorillaz The Singles Collection (Virgin)

CFBX Top 25 Urban/Hip-Hop Albums for 2012

1 Cityreal and Wes Mackey* Good Morning Blues (Soul of the City)
2 Death Grips The Money Store (Epic)
3 Odd Future The OF Tape Vol. 2 (OF)
4 Madchild* Dope Sick (Suburban Noize)
5 Profit* Take Over (Independent)
6 Animal Nation* The Basement Tapes Vol. 1 (Urbnet)
7 Moka Only* Airport 6 (Urbnet)
8 More or Les* Mastication (Backburner)
9 Cadence Weapon* Hope in Dirt City (Upper Class)
10 Snak the Ripper* White Dynamite (Camobear)
11 Chap One Strange Frequencies (Independent)
12 Gee Wunder* Beats, Bars and Hooks (Motive)
13 Muneshine* There is Only Today (Droppin` Science)
14 Plex* Demons (Urbnet)
15 Wordburglar* 3rdburglar (Backburner)
16 Radio Radio* Havre de Grace (Bonsound)
17 Various Artists* Urbnet Certified Vol. 2 (Urbnet)
18 Fraction and Fresh Kils* Extra Science (Kilzone)
19 Saukrates* Season One (Frostbyte)
20 The Vibonics* The Virbonics (Independent)
21 Prehistoric* Forgive the Hero (Independent)
22 Various Artists* Urbnet Certified Vol. 3 (Urbnet)
23 Full Course* Entree (Over the Break)
24 Phatt Al* The Chillionaire (New Empire)
25 G Jones* Get Movin` (Independent)

CFBX Top 25 Roots/Country Albums for 2012

1 Ballgag 'n Chain Gang* Bang! (Independent)
2 The Wynnes* The Wynnes (Independent)
3 Stan Rogers* Fogarty's Cove (reissue) (Borealis)
4 Chris Stevens** When the Wagon Was New (Independent)
5 The Stowaways* Livin' on the Island (Independent)
6 Blackberry Wood* Strong Man vs. Russian Bears (Independent)
7 The Counters* This Doesn't Mean We're Friends (Colonel Mustard)
8 Gordon Lightfoot* All Live (Rhino)
9 Milkwood Dreamers* Hellfire and Bone (Buffalo Zeb)
10 Pharis and Jason Romero* A Passing Glimpse (Independent)
11 Lucky Sonne* Trailer (Independent)
12 Whitehorse* The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss (Six Shooter)
13 Susan Phillips** Susan Phillips (Independent)
14 Old Man Luedecke* Tender is the Night (True North)
15 Be Good Tanyas* A Collection (Nettwerk)
16 Jon and Roy* Let it Go (Warner)
17 The Dinner Belles* West Simcoe County (Independent)
18 The Bills* Yes Please (Independent)
19 Natalie McMaster* Cape Breton Girl (E1)
20 Sprag Session* Sprag Session (Independent)
21 Kathleen Edwards* Voyageur (Rounder)
22 Annabelle Chvostek* Rise (Borealis)
23 Sarah Jane Scouten* Magpie Waltz (Independent)
24 Neil Young* Americana (Reprise)
25 Jay Semko* Sending Love (Busted Flat)

CFBX Top 25 Blues Albums for 2012

1 No Sinner* Boo Hoo Hoo EP (First Love)
2 Andy Poxon Band Red Roots (Ellersoul)
3 Catherine Taddo* Under the Hood (Pyrrha)
4 Soulstack* Big Red (Independent)
5 The Blues Broads The Blues Broads (Delta Groove)
6 Al Lerman* Crowe River Blues (Independent)
7 Jimmy Zee Band* Ride (Pacific)
8 Brandon Isaak* Bluesman's Prayer (Independent)
9 Corey Lueck and the Smoke Wagon Blues Band* It Ain't Easy (Independent)
10 Guitar Mikey and the Real Thing* Out of the Blue (Earwig)
11 Michael Jerome Browne* The Road is Dark (Borealis)
12 Jimmy Bowskill Band* Back Number (Ruf)
13 Tip of the Top From Memphis to Greaseland (Delta King)
14 JW-Jones* Seventh Hour (Independent)
15 Kirby Sewell Band* Bought Myself a Hammer (Smelly Cat)
16 Steve Strongman* Blues in Colour (Independent)
17 Lisa Biales Just Like Honey (Big Song)
18 Mike Stevens/Matt Andersen* Push Record: The Banff Sessions (Borealis)
19 Steve Strongman* A Natural Fact (Independent)
20 Dan Sinasac* Goin' Back (Independent)
21 Lil Ronnie and the Grand Dukes Gotta Strange Feeling (Ellersoul)
22 Grady Champion Shanachie Days (GSM)
23 Peter Karp/Sue Foley* Beyond the Crossroads (Blind Pig)
24 Mike Goudreau and the Boppin' Blues Band* 20 Year of Blues and Bop (Independent)
25 Tim Bastmeyer* Tim Bastmeyer (Grassfire)