Top Albums of 2007

* indicates Canadian Content
** indicates a local artist

1 Matador's Conquest** Matador's Conquest (Independent)
2 Various Artists* CBC Radio 3: Breaking New Sound (Storyboard)
3 D.O.A.* Punk Rock Singles (Sudden Death)
4 Caribou* Andorra/Melody Day EP (Merge)
5 New Pornographers* Challenger (Last Gang)
6 Various Artists CBC Radio 3 Sessions Vol. III (MapleMusic)
7 Various Artists Ska is Dead (Stomp)
8 The Doers* Gaiety (Reluctant)
9 Stowaway** Stowaway (Independent)
10 Lesbians on Ecstasy* We Know You Know (Alien8)
11 Arcade Fire* Neon Bible (Merge)
12 M.I.A. Kala (XL)
13 You Say Party! We Say Die!* Lose All Time (Paper Bag)
14 Ween La Cucaracha (Rounder)
15 Jesse Cook* Frontiers (Virgin)
16 Cat Jahnke* None of Those Things (Independent)
17 Russian Futurists* Me, Myself and Rye (Upper Class)
18 Tokyo Police Club* Smith EP (Paper Bag)
19 Kevin Drew* Spirit If... (Arts and Crafts)
20 Five Star Affair* Do Not Disturb (Independent)
21 Bloc Party A Weekend in the City (Vice)
22 The Sadies* Tales of the Rat Fink OST (Outside)
23 Swan Lake* Beast Moans (Scratch)
24 Shout Out Louds Our Ill Wills/Tonight I Have to Leave It EP (Merge)
25 Neko Case Live from Austin, TX (New West)
26 Deerhoof Friend Opportunity (Kill Rock Stars)
27 Chemical Brothers We Are the Night (Virgin)
28 Frank Black The Best: 93-03 (Cooking Vinyl)
29 Fathead* Building Full of Blues (Electro-Fi)
30 Pink Martini Hey Eugene (Audiogram)
31 Trip the Off* Street Music (Clark St.)
32 Feist* the Reminder (Arts and Crafts)
33 Julie Doiron* Woke Myself Up (Endearing)
34 They Shoot Horses Don't They?* Pick Up Sticks (Kill Rock Stars)
35 Joey Only Outlaw Band* Joey Only Outlaw Band (Independent)
36 Frog Eyes* Tears of the Valedictorian (Scratch)
37 Apostle of Hustle* National Anthem of Nowhere (Arts and Crafts)
38 Sonic Youth The Destroyed Room (Geffen)
39 Desiderata*/td> We're Not Convinced There Has Been Any Progress (Champion City)
40 Swallows* Awkward Situation (Magnetic Angel)
41 JJ Cale/Eric Clapton the Road to Escondido (Reprise)
42 Spoon Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (Merge)
43 Tranzmitors* Tranzmitors (Deranged)
44 Blonde Redhead 23 (4AD)
45 Various Artists* Dig Your Roots: Creative Jazz (Independent)
46 The Flatliners* The Great Awake (Stomp)
47 Stars* Do You Trust Your Friends? (Arts and Crafts)
48 Legion of Green Men* Baqontraq (Post Contemporary)
49 Bjork Volta (Elektra)
50 United Steel Workers of Montreal* Kerosene and Coal (Weewerk)
51 Attack in Black* Marriage (Dine Alone)
52 The Go! Team Proof of Youth (Secret City)
53 Comeback Kid* Broadcasting (Smallman)
54 Orange Escape from L.A. (Hellcat)
55 The Gruesomes* Cave-in! (Ricochet Sound)
56 Detroit Cobras Tied and True (Bloodshot)
57 Immaculate Machine* Fables (Mint)
58 Manu Chao La Radiolina (Radio Bemba)
59 The Cribs Men's Needs. Women's Needs. Whatever. (Warner)
60 Xavier Rudd* White Moth (Salt-X)
61 The Reason* Things Couldn't Be Better (Smallman)
62 Bad Religion New Maps of Hell (Epitaph)
63 Most Serene Republic* Population (Arts and Crafts)
64 Hot Springs* Volcano (Aquarius)
65 Of Montreal Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? (Polyvinyl)
66 Book of Lists* Book of Lists (Scratch)
67 Kill the Lights* Buffalo of Love (MapleMusic)
68 Life on Io** Life on Io (Ulusulu)
69 Metric* Grow Up and Blow Away (Last Gang)
70 Green Go* Green Go (Burnt Oak)
71 Various Artists* A Tribute to Joni Mitchell (Nonesuch)
72 Woodpigeon* Songbook (Rectangle)
73 Joss Stone Introducing (Virgin)
74 Holy Fuck* LP (Young Turks)
75 The New Lou Reeds Top Billin' (Exit Stencil)
76 Collapsing Opposites* Inside Chance (Independent)
77 Profugus Mortis* So it Begins (Prodisk)
78 Highwater Jug Band* Highwater Jug Band (Hoodoo)
79 the Details* Draw a Distance. Draw a Border (Parliament of Trees)
80 Octoberman* Run from Safety (White Whale)
81 Portico* Progeny Blues (Coppespine)
82 Blinded by Faith* Imperial Collapse (Galy)
83 Yael Wand* At Your Door (Independent)
84 Larra Skye* The World Disappears (Independent)
85 Linda McRae* Carve it to the Heart (Black Hen)
86 B.C. Read* Bowl of Sugar (Independent)
87 Basia Bulat* Oh My Darling! (Hardwood)
88 Grand Analog* Calligraffiti (Slo Coach)
89 Joe "Shithead" Keithley* Band of Rebels (Sudden Death)
90 Cowboy Celtic* Whiskey, Gunsmoke and Heather (Centrefire)
91 The Aggrolites Reggae Hit L.A. (Hellcat)
92 Two Hours Traffic* Little Jabs (Bumstead)
93 Moses Mayes* Second Ring (Dublum)
94 Melissa Endean** Chaya (Independent)
95 Basement Jaxx Crazy Itch Radio (XL)
96 Rita di Ghent* The Standard Sessions 2 (Independent)
97 Terra Grimard** Terra EP (Independent)
98 Girl Nobody* Balaclava Casino Heist (Jericho Beach)
99 Various Artists* Killed by Canada (Independent)
100 Ill Scarlet* All Day With It (Sony BMG)

CFBX Top 25 Jazz Albums for 2007

1 Pink Martini Hey Eugene (Audiogram)
2 Rita di Ghent* the Standard Sessions 2 (Independent)
3 Various Artists* Dig Your Roots: Creative Jazz (Independent)
4 Jillian Lebeck* Songs and Melodies (Talie)
5 Brandi Disterheft* Debut (Superfran)
6 Amy Winehouse Back to Black (Island)
7 Holly Cole* Holly Cole (Alert)
8 Laila Biali* Live (CBC)
9 Dee Daniels* Jazzinit (Origin)
10 Terra Grimard** Terra EP (Independent)
11 Sophie Berkal-Sarbit* The Gypsy in My Soul (7 Arts)
12 Jennifer Scott Quartet* Live at the Cellar (Cellar Live)
13 Moses Mayes* Second Ring (Dublum)
14 Souljazz Orchestra* Freedom No Go Die (Do Right!)
15 Prime Time Big Band* For Our Friends (Independent)
16 Drumheller* Wives (Rat-Drifting)
17 Randy Bachman and New Guitar Summit* Jazz Thing II (Paquin)
18 PJ Perry/Campbell Ryga Quintet* Joined at the Hip (Cellar Live)
19 Georgette Fry* Back in a Moment (Spare Rib)
20 Ron Davis* Subarashii Live (Independent)
21 Kris Ruston** 3 Song Demo (Independent)
22 Damien Graham* Trios (Independent)
23 Sarah Jerrom* Illuminations (Independent)
24 Mahavishnu Project Return to the Emerald Beyond (Cuneiform)
25 Ali Milner* Ali Milner (Venus)

CFBX Top 25 World Beat/Reggae Albums for 2007

1 Jesse Cook* Frontiers (Virgin)
2 Dobet Gnahore Na Afriki (Cumbancha)
3 M.I.A. Kala (XL)
4 Sultans of String* Luna (Independent)
5 Various Artists Si, Para Usted (Waxing Deep)
6 Manu Chao La Radiolina (Radio Bemba)
7 Pink Martini Hey Eugene (Audiogram)
8 Cowboy Celtic* Whiskey, Gunsmoke and Heather (Centrefire)
9 Various Artists Backspin (Six Degrees)
10 Various Artists Women of the World: Acoustic (Putumayo)
11 Rich Shadrach Lazar* Nomads (Independent)
12 Ibrahim Ferrer Mi Sueno (Nonesuch)
13 Afenginn Akrobakkus (Independent)
14 Poor Angus* Poor Angus (Independent)
15 Tinariwen Aman Iman: Water is Life (Outside)
16 Autorickshaw* So Goes the Journey (Independent)
17 Mr. Something Something* Deep Sleep (World)
18 Cheb Nacim Algerian Rai (ARC Music)
19 Doug Cox and Salil Bhatt* Slide to Freedom (Northern Blues)
20 Tcheka Nu Monda (Times Square)
21 Antibalas Security (Anti)
22 Daniel Bouliane* Tagayet (Onde Spirale)
23 Proyecto Tacos Sabor o Tropico (Independent)
24 Various Artists* Celtic Colours X (Odyssey)
25 Bob Marley Roots Rock Remixed (Quango)

CFBX Top 25 Metal/Loud Albums for 2006

1 Killswitch Engage As Daylight Dies (Roadrunner)
2 Blinded by Faith* Imperial Collapse (Galy)
3 Profugus Mortis* So it Begins (Prodisk)
4 Three Inches of Blood* Fire Up the Blades (Roadrunner)
5 Quo Vadis* Live in Montreal (Independent)
6 Blinded by Faith* Weapons of Mass Distraction (Galy)
7 Martyr* Feeding the Abscess (Galy)
8 Brutal Knights* Feast of Shame (Deranged)
9 Kamelot One Cold Winter's Night (SPV)
10 A Perfect Murder* War of Aggression (Victory)
11 Divinity* Allegory (Independent)
12 Rammstein Volkerball (Universal)
13 Vintersorg Sollens Rotter (Napalm)
14 Freya Lift the Curse (Victory)
15 Bisbaye* II (Independent)
16 The End* Elementary (Relapse)
17 Severed Serenity* Dark Age EP (Independent)
18 Means* Sending You Strenght (Torque)
19 Talamyus* In These Days of Violence (Prodisk)
20 OK Volca* OK Volca (Slam)
21 Dark Tranquility Fiction (Century Media)
22 The Funeral Pyre The Nature of Betrayal (Prosthetic)
23 Machine Head The Blackening (Roadrunner)
24 King Diamond Give Me Your Soul, Please (Metal Blade)
25 Helloween Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy (SPV)

CFBX Top 25 Electronic Albums for 2007

1 Caribou* Andorra/Melody Day EP (Merge)
2 Plus Device Puncture (Hefty)
3 Dietzche V and the Abonimable Snowman* Macho 2003-2007 (Pop Echo)
4 Chemical Brothers We Are the Night (Virgin)
5 Black Moth Super Rainbow Dandelion Gum (Graveface)
6 Various Artists Backspin (Six Degrees)
7 Audiosleep* Audiosleep (Independent)
8 Reality Sandwich* Dejeuner S'il Vous Plait (Independent)
9 LCD Soundsystem Sound of Silver (DFA)
10 Solidaze* Pleasure from Precision Remixes (Balanced)
11 Justice Cross (Ed Banger)
12 Junior Senior Hey Hey My My Yo Yo (Crunchy Frog)
13 Skinny Puppy* Mythmaker (SPV)
14 Legion of Green Men* Baqontraq (Post Contemporary)
15 Various Artists* Manouevers 1 (So Called)
16 Citywide Vacuum* Pact (Eleven 37)
17 Air Pocket Symphony (Virgin)
18 Holy Fuck* LP (Young Turks)
19 Venetians Snares* Hospitality (Planet Mu)
20 Chromeo* Fancy Footwork (Last Gang)
21 Boys Noize Oi Oi Oi (Turbo)
22 Heavy Petters* Smell the Glove (Independent)
23 Big Spaceship Dream On (Karmic Hit)
24 Mythos* Purity (Adagio)
25 The Dragons BFI (Ninja Tune)

CFBX Top 25 Urban/Hip-Hop Albums for 2007

1 DJ Alibi* Day One/Let's Ride (12") (Tres)
2 Velvet Trench Vibes* Opium Lounge (ICM)
3 Moka Only* Vermilion (Urbnet)
4 Thes One Lifestyle Marketing (Tres)
5 Various Artists* Can Con (Off Societi)
6 Socalled* Ghettoblaster (Jdub)
7 Joss Stone Introducing (Virgin)
8 M.I.A. Kala (XL)
9 Galactic From the Corner to the Block (Anti)
10 Brassmunk* Fewturistic (Virgin)
11 Rondo Brothers Seven Minutes to Midnight (Citrus to Citrus)
12 Grand Analog* Calligraffiti (Slo Coach)
13 Eekwol and Mils* The List (Independent)
14 DJ Co-Op* Co-Operation Vol. 3 (Independent)
15 Dizzee Rascal Maths and English (XL)
16 Nas Hip Hop is Dead (Def Jam)
17 Rhythmicru* Supertoke 2 (Independent)
18 Ghettosocks* Get Some Friends (Independent)
19 Spesh K* Media Coverage (Urbnet)
20 Greentara* Global Baby (Easy Bake)
21 Bonshah* The Mighty Masta Don (Dead Beats)
22 Ghostface Killah More Fish (Def Jam)
23 Touch and Nato* Intelligent Design (Up in Arms)
24 Corneille The Birth of Cornelius (C-Way)
25 J Dilla Ruff Draft (Stones Throw)

CFBX Top 25 Roots/Country Albums for 2007

1 Neko Case Live from Austin, TX (New West)
2 Xavier Rudd* White Moth (Salt-X)
3 Cat Jahnke* None of Those Things (Independent)
4 Linda McRae* Carve it to the Heart (Black Hen)
5 Josh Reischman and the Jaybirds* Stellar Jays (Corvus)
6 Cowboy Celtic* Whiskey, Gunsmoke and Heather (Centrefire)
7 Joey Only Outlaw Band* Joey Only Outlaw Band (Independent)
8 Melissa Endean** Chaya (Independent)
9 Sirens* Look Up (Borealis)
10 John Wort Hannam* Two Bit Suit (Black Hen)
11 Peter Thompson* Taking a Dive (Heart First) (Sandy Bay)
12 House of Doc* East of West (Pacific)
13 Lazy Jacks* Watercolour Windows (Independent)
14 Ry Cooder My Name is Buddy (Nonesuch)
15 Outlaw Social* A Seven Song EP (Independent)
16 Nathan* Key Principles (Nettwerk)
17 United Steel Workers of Montreal* Kerosene and Coal (Weewerk)
18 Catherine McLellan* Church Bell Blues (True North)
19 Yael Wand* At Your Door (Independent)
20 Cam Penner and the Gravel Road* Feels Like a Sunday Night (Independent)
21 Trevor Caswell** Red Machine EP (Independent)
22 The Sadies* New Seasons (Outside)
23 Carolyn Mark* Nothing is Free (Mint)
24 Jenica Rayne* Live Rayne (Ignite)
25 Russell Wallace* Through the Cracks (Independent)

CFBX Top 25 Blues Albums for 2007

1 Tim Williams* Songster, Musicianer, Music Physicianer (Independent)
2 JJ Cale/Eric Clapton The Road to Escondido (Independent)
3 Fathead* Building Full of Blues (Electro-Fi)
4 Paul Reddick* Revue (Northern Blues)
5 Shakura S'Aida* Blueprint (Independent)
6 John Mayall Essentially John Mayall (Eagle)
7 Saturday Night Fish Fry* Dirt Road Blues (7 Arts)
8 John Mayall In the Palace of the King (Eagle)
9 Jimmy Bowskill* Jimmy Bowskill (Independent)
10 Johnny Max Band* A Lesson I've Learned (Poor Soul)
11 Paul James Band* Lost in the Blues (Independent)
12 Donna Lynn Kay* Electric Blue (Independent)
13 Georgette Fry* Back in a Moment (Spare Rib)
14 Watermelon Slim and the Workers The Wheel Man (Northern Blues)
15 B.C. Read* Bowl of Sugar (Independent)
16 Harry Manx/Kevin Breit* In Good We Trust (Stony Plain)
17 V and the Wholly Cats* A Little Taste (Independent)
18 Ruthie Foster The Phenomenal Ruthie Forster (Blue Corn)
19 Ellen McIlwaine/Cassius Khan* Mystic Bridge (Independent)
20 Steve Marriner* Going Up (Dog My Cat)
21 Jack de Keyzer* Silver Blues (Blue Star)
22 Joan Armatrading Into the Blues (429 Records)
23 Swamp Cabbage Honk (Independent)
24 The Homeless* We All Got the Blues (Independent)
25 Lesismore* As Much as I Need (Independent)