Top Albums of 2004

* indicates Canadian Content
** indicates a local artist

1 Hot Hot Heat* Elevator (Sub Pop)
2 Various Artists Give 'em the Boot IV (Hellcat)
3 Raised by Wolves* Hot Blood (Stomp and Howl)
4 Beck Guero (Interscope)
5 Russian Futurists* Our Thickness (Upper Class)
6 Broken Social Scene* Broken Social Scene (Arts and Crafts)
7 Jack Johnson In Between Dreams (Brushfire)
8 New Pornographers* Twin Cinema (Mint)
9 Revealer** Revealer (Independent)
10 Corb Lund* Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer (Stony Plain)
11 Various Artists* Vancouver Complication (Sudden Death)
12 Propagandhi* Potemkin City Limits (G-7 Welcomming Committee)
13 Metric* Live it Out (Last Gang)
14 Black Mountain* Black Mountain (Scratch)
15 Ursula 1000 Ursuladelica (ESL)
16 Clumsy Lovers* Smart Kid (Nettwerk)
17 Matadors* The Devil's Music (Stumble)
18 SNFU* In the Meantime and in Between Time (Rake)
19 NoFX The Greatest Songs Ever Written... By Us (Epitaph)
20 Kate Maki* The Sun Will Find Us (Independent)
21 Willie Nelson Countryman (Lost Highway)
22 Various Artists* Toronto Blues Society: 20 Years (Independent)
23 Asha** Livin' Here (Bestest)
24 Wintersleep* Wintersleep (2005) (Dependent)
25 Joni Mitchell* Songs of a Prairie Girl (Asylum)
26 Sweet Tenders* Skeleton Key (Just Friends)
27 Rufus Wainwright* Want Two (Dreamworks)
28 Canned Hamm* Erotic Thriller (Pro-Am)
29 Pointed Sticks* Perfect Youth (Sudden Death)
30 Three Inches of Blood* Advance and Vanquish (Roadrunner)
31 Spoon Gimme Fiction (Merge)
32 Kim Beggs* Streetcar Heart (Caribou)
33 You Say Party! We Say Die!* Hit the Floor! (Sound Document)
34 Bella* Pretty Mess (Hideout)
35 Carlos del Junco* Blues Mongrel (Northern Blues)
36 Mary Jane Lamond* Storas (Independent)
37 Chixdiggit!* Pink Razors (Fat Wreck Chords)
38 Caribou* The Milk of Human Kindness (Domino)
39 Destroyer* Notorious Lightning and Other Works (Merge)
40 Deadly Snakes* Porcella (Paper Bag)
41 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Howl (RCA)
42 B.A. Johnston* My Heart is a Blinking Nintendo (Just Friends)
43 Daft Punk Human After All (Virgin)
44 Guitar Wolf Rock 'n' Roll Etiquette (Narnack)
45 Neil Young* Prairie Wind (Reprise)
46 Waking Eyes* Video Sound (Warner)
47 Jaime RT* Reach (Dog My Cat)
48 Dead 60's Dead 60's (Epic)
49 Weezer Make Believe (Geffen)
50 Liquidaires* Meeting Place (Independent)
51 Of Montreal The Sunlandic Twins (Polyvinyl)
52 Cuff the Duke* Cuff the Duke (Hardwood)
53 Falconhawk* Here's Your Ghost (Saved by Radio)
54 The Maynards* Breakout the Make Out (King Amos)
55 Various Artists* 90.9 With a Bullet: 20 Years of Calgary Music on CJSW (Saved by Radio)
56 Most Serene Republic* Underwater Cinematographer (Arts and Crafts)
57 Constantines* Tournament of Hearts (Three Gut)
58 The Duhks* The Duhks (Sugar Hill)
59 Kraftwerk Minimum - Maximum (EMI)
60 Various Artists Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie OST
61 Against Me! Searching for a Former Clarity (Fat Wreck Chords)
62 Sleater-Kinney The Woods (Sub Pop)
63 Various Artists Verve Remixed 3 (Verve)
64 Horrorpops Bring it On! (Hellcat)
65 Perishers Let There Be Morning (Nettwerk)
66 Various Artists Kung Fu! Reggae vs. the Martial Arts (Trojan)
67 Raveonettes Pretty in Black (Columbia)
68 Skratch Bastid/John Smith/Pip Skid* Taking Care of Business (Independent)
69 The Donnas Gold Medal (Atlantic)
70 Various Artists* CBC Radio 3 Sessions Vol. 1 (CBC)
71 Gary Fjellgaard* Caragana Wind (Independent)
72 Sub City Dwellers* Out on the Streets (Steelcapped)
73 D. Rangers* We Stay High and Lonesome (AML)
74 Fun 100* Hit it and Quit (Hockey Dad)
75 Dirtbombs If You Don't Already Have a Look (In the Red)
76 Postal Service We Become Silhouettes EP (Sub Pop)
77 Pete Samples* An Unsent Letter (Vinyl Republik)
78 The Kills No Wow (Rough Trade)
79 Iron and Wine Woman King EP (Sub Pop)
80 Thievery Corporation The Cosmic Game (ESL)
81 Tangiers* The Family Myth (Baudelaire)
82 The Mark Inside* Static/Crash (Sofa King)
83 A Northern Chorus* Bitter Hands Resign (Sonic Unyon)
84 New Order Waiting for the Siren's Call (London)
85 Chemical Brothers Push the Button (Virgin)
86 Farrell Brothers* This is a Riot! (Stumble)
87 The Pariahs* The Pariahs (FAding Ways)
88 Doug Cox/Sam Hurrie* Hungry Ghosts (Northern Blues)
89 Book of Lists* Red Arrows (Global Symphonic)
90 Sigur Ros Takk (Geffen)
91 Millencolin Kingwood (Burning Heart)
92 Classified* Boy-Cott-in the Industry (Urbnet)
93 Hezzekya* Drug Metal (Vaudeville)
94 Various Artists Songbook of Songs (Sub Pop)
95 Mood Ruff* I Do My Own Stunts (Urbnet)
96 The Weekend* Beatbox My Heartbeat (Teenage USA)
97 Elbow Leaders of the Free World (V2)
98 Mark Atkinson Trio* III (Pacific)
99 Quo Vadis* Defiant Imagination (Independent)
100 Mr. Plow* Mad Plow Disease (Crusty)

CFBX Top 25 Jazz Albums for 2005

1 Mark Atkinson Trio* III (Pacific)
2 Bob Brough* Like a Spring Day (Independent)
3 Simon Fisk Trio* Intent (Plunge)
4 Various Artists* The Jazz Room Presents: Vocal Jazz (Independent)
5 Various Artists Swing Around the World (Putumayo)
6 Samina* How I Feel (Orange)
7 Dave Young* Mainly Mingus (Justin Time)
8 Tyler Hornby* Shadows of a Brighter Day (Independent)
9 Pacifica* Unveiled (Libertad)
10 Various Artists Verve Remixed 3 (Verve)
11 Laila Biali Trio* Introducing (Independent)
12 Terra Hazelton* Anybody's Baby (Healeyophonic)
13 Various Artists* Real Divas: Torchlight Vol. II (7 Arts)
14 Denise Baker* Love is a Four Letter Word (Independent)
15 Lizz Wright Dreaming Wide Awake (Verve)
16 Matthias Lupri Group* Transition Sonic (Summit)
17 Various Artists New Orleans (Putumayo)
18 Ron Davis Trio* Shimmering Rhythm (Independent)
19 Beverley Taft* Beverley Taft (Independent)
20 Mike Allen Trio* Fearless (Almus)
21 Candy Dulfer Live at Montreux (Eagle)
22 Nicola Conte Other Directions (Blue Note)
23 Brad Turner Trio* Question the Answer (Maximum)
24 Ranee Lee/Oliver Jones* Just You Just Me (Justin Time)
25 Suzie Arioli Band* Learn to Smile Again (Justin Time)

CFBX Top 25 World Beat/Reggae Albums for 2005

1 Buring Spear Creation Rebel (Heartbeat)
2 Various Artists Kung Fu! Reggae vs. The Martial Arts (Trojan)
3 Mary Jane Lamond* Storas (Independent)
4 Dub Trinity and Chet Singh* Dub Trinity and Chet Singh (Independent)
5 Willie Nelson Countryman (Lost Highway)
6 Various Artists Mali (Putumayo)
7 Cirque du Soleil* Tapis Rouge: Solarium (Independent)
8 Jah Children Band* Message for the World (Independent)
9 Various Artists Music from the Chocolate Lands (Putumayo)
10 Geoff Berner* Whiskey Rabbi (Black Hen)
11 Various Artists Swing Around the World (Putumayo)
12 Jaime RT* Reach (Dog My Cat)
13 Fubuki Daiko* Zanshin (Tatsumi)
14 M.I.A. Arular (XL)
15 Various Artists Afro-Latin Party (Putumayo)
16 Heather Dale* The Road to Santiago (Amphis)
17 Niyaz Niyaz (Six Degrees)
18 Sound Imperium Pre-Emptive Dub Attack! (Revolucion)
19 Various Artists North African Groove (Putumayo)
20 Various Artists South Pacific Islands (Putumayo)
21 Quadro Nuevo Mocca Flor (Justin Time)
22 Various Artists Cuba Cuba (In2Music)
23 Christina Smith/Jean Hewson* August Gale (Borealis)
24 David Murray and the Gwo-Ka Masters Gwo-tet (Justin Time)
25 Zuco 103 Whaa! (Six Degrees)

CFBX Top 25 Metal/Loud Albums for 2005

1 Hezzekya* Drug Metal (Vaudeville)
2 Three Inches of Blood* Advance and Vanquish (Roadrunner)
3 Soulscar* Victim Impact Statement (Galy)
4 Quo Vadis* Defiant Imagination (Independent)
5 Fallout Project* Hopes and Ropes (Dare to Care)
6 Death by Stereo Death for Life (Epitaph)
7 Nikola Tesla* Mending Our Broken (Independent)
8 Darkest Hour Undoing Ruin (Victory)
9 Overkill ReliXIV (Spitfire)
10 7th Sunn* 7th Sunn EP (Independent)
11 Cradle to Grave* CTG (Year of the Sun)
12 Red Chord Clients (Metal Blade)
13 A Day and a Deathwish* A Day and a Deathwish (Independent)
14 Black Dahlia Murder Miasma (Metal Blade)
15 Nightwish Once (Roadrunner)
16 Red Death External Frames of Reference (Metal Blade)
17 Devildriver The Fury of Our Maker's Hand (Roadrunner)
18 Goat Horn* Threatening Force (Independent)
19 Misery Signals Of Malice and the Magnum Heart (Ferret)
20 Various Artists MTV2 Headbanger's Ball Vol. 2 (Roadrunner)
21 Vortex* Imminence of Death (Galy)
22 Horfixion* Self Inflicted Hell (Galy)
23 Severed Serenity* Out of the Shadow (Independent)
24 Into the Moat The Design (Metal Blade)
25 Stutterfly* And We Are Bled of Color (Maverick)

CFBX Top 25 Electronic Albums for 2005

1 Caribou* The Milk of Human Kindness (Domino)
2 Ursula 1000 Ursuladelica (ESL)
3 Kraftwerk Minimum - Maximum (EMI)
4 Thievery Corporation The Cosmic Game (ESL)
5 Daft Punk Human After All (Virgin)
6 Chemical Brothers Push the Button (Virgin)
7 Cirque du Soleil* Tapis Rouge: Solarium (Independent)
8 Chris Jongkind* Tokai (Independent)
9 Various Artists Sheeva Lounge (Clubland)
10 Hardsteppers* Revolution (Independent)
11 Morcheeba The Antidote (Echo)
12 Cursor Miner Plays God (Lo)
13 Paradise Lust* Possessed (VVVU)
14 Various Artists Black Heart Retrospective (Epitaph)
15 Project Pitchfork Kaskade (Metropolis)
16 Solus Lights in the Valley (Upstairs)
17 Four Tet Everything Ecstatic (Domino)
18 Various Artists Minimize to Maximize (Minus)
19 DAK* E4 (Ozmoz)
20 Himiko* Mai (Haunted)
21 Depeche Mode Remixes 81-04 (Mute)
22 Kid 606 Resilience (Tigerbeat6)
23 Pete Samples* An Unsent Letter (Vinyl Republik)
24 Earl Zinger Speaker Stack Commandments (!K7)
25 Various Artists Jazz Reworks (MPS)

CFBX Top 25 Urban/Hip-Hop Albums for 2005

1 Sage Francis A Healthy Distrust (Epitaph)
2 Josh Martinez and Sleep* The Chicharones (Camobear)
3 Mood Ruff* I Do My Own Stunts (Urbnet)
4 Classified* Boy-Cott-in the Industry (Urbnet)
5 Mix Master Mike Bangzilla (Immortal)
6 Buck 65* Secret House Against the World (Warner)
7 Versus* Combat (Independent)
8 Eekwol* Apprentice to the Mystery (Independent)
9 Skratch Bastid/John Smith/Pip Skid* Taking Care of Business (Independent)
10 The Front* Signs of Life (Independent)
11 Sweatshop Union* United We Fall (Battleaxe)
12 Embassy* True Soldiers (Macabee)
13 M.I.A. Arular (XL)
14 The Chicharones* When Pigs Fly (Camobear)
15 Moka Only* The Desired Effect (Nettwerk)
16 Pocket Dwellers* PD-Atrics (Blue Note)
17 The Craft (Anti)
18 K'Naan* The Dusty Foot Philosopher (Sony)
19 Handsome Boy Modelling School White People (Atlantic)
20 Alida** Primo (Independent)
21 Various Artists* Underground Hip-Hop Vol. 3 (Urbnet)
22 Z-Trip Shifting Gears (Hollywood)
23 Red Ants* Phobos Deimos (Seize the Capital)
24 Various Artists* Facts of War (ICM)
25 Atmosphere You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having (Rhymesayers)

CFBX Top 25 Roots/Country Albums for 2005

1 Corb Lund* Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer (Stony Plain)
2 Clumsy Lovers* Smart Kid (Nettwerk)
3 Willie Nelson Countryman (Lost Highway)
4 Kim Beggs* Streetcar Heart (Caribou)
5 Roxanne Hall and Avenue Earth** Love is What We Need to Save the World (Independent)
6 Joni Mitchell* Songs of a Prairie Girl (Asylum)
7 Bruce Cockburn* Speechless (True North)
8 Kathryn Rose* Kathryn Rose (Kindling Music)
9 D. Rangers* We Stay High and Lonesome (AML)
10 Old Reliable* The Burning Truth (Saved by Radio)
11 Various Artists* Grrrls With Guitars 2 (Independent)
12 Gary Fjellgaard* Caragana Wind (Independent)
13 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals Cold Roses (Lost Highway)
14 Sons of Maxwell* Sunday Morning (Independent)
15 Laura Cantrell Humming By the Flowered Vine (Matador)
16 Devil in a Woodpile In Your Lonesome Town (Bloodshot)
17 Shiftless Rounders* The Ghost in the Radio (Growlin')
18 Melwood Cutlery* Campfire (Borealis)
19 Los Super Seven Heard it on the X (Telarc)
20 Janet Bates** The Colours Will Come Back (Independent)
21 Audrey Auld-Mezera Texas (Restless)
22 Tom Stinson* A Search for Peace (Canyon Edge)
23 Hungry Hill* Hungry Hill (Caribou)
24 Various Artists* Dig Your Roots: Roots (Independent)
25 John P. Allen* The Canadian Violin (Independent)

CFBX Top 25 Blues Albums for 2005

1 Various Artists* Toronto Blues Society: 20 Years (Independent)
2 Doug Cox/Sam Hurrie* Hungry Ghosts (Northern Blues)
3 Corey Harris Daily Bread (Rounder)
4 Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir* Fighting and Onions (Shoutin' Abner Pim)
5 Harrison Kennedy* Voice Story (Black and Tan)
6 John Mayall and the Bluebreakers Road Dogs (Eagle)
7 Daddy Long Legs* Just Like That (Independent)
8 The Perpetrators* The Gas and the Clutch (Transistor 66)
9 Johnny Max Band* Ride and Roll (Poor Soul)
10 B.B. King 80 (Geffen)
11 Brian Blain* Overqualified for the Blues (Northern Blues)
12 Mem Shannon I'm from Phunkville (Northern Blues)
13 Julian Fauth* Songs of Vice and Sorrow (Electro-Fi)
14 Various Artists The Best Blues Album in the World... Ever Vol. 2 (Virgin)
15 Angela Strehli Blue Highway (MC)
16 Trevor Finlay Band* Show Me What U Got (BKSA)
17 Los Super Seven Heard it on the X (Telarc)
18 Blues Element* Baby's Got the Blues (Independent)
19 Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings Just for a Thrill (True North)
20 Heaven Davis Steamy (Independent)
21 Blind Willie McTell The Devil Can't Hide from Me (True North)
22 Tinsley Ellis Highwayman (Alligator)
23 Fabulous Thunderbirds Painted On (Tone-Cool)
24 Memphis Gold The Prodigal Son (Independent)
25 Bryan Lee Live and Dangerous (Justin Time)