Top Albums of 2004

* indicates Canadian Content
** indicates a local artist

1 Various Artists Zombie Night in Canada (Stumble)
2 Blu Hopkins** Canyon Wind (Independent)
3 Modest Mouse Good News for People Who Love Bad News (Epic)
4 Florent Vollant* Katak (D7)
5 Death from Above 1979* You're a Woman, I'm a Machine (Last Gang)
6 Various Artists* Dig Your Roots: Electronic Dance (Independent)
7 All Star Assassins** Funeral Sex Army (Independent)
8 Susan Aglukark* Big Feeling (Capitol)
9 NOJO* City of Neighbourhoods (True North)
10 Various Artists* CBC Radio 3 Sessions Vol. 1 (CBC Records)
11 Broken Social Scene* Bee Hives (Arts and Crafts)
12 Desmond Dekker Rudy Got Soul (Trojan)
13 Tom Waits Real Gone (Anti)
14 The Hives Tyrannosaurus Hives (Universal)
15 The Bills* Let Em Run (Borealis)
16 The Organ* Grab That Gun (Mint)
17 Double D and the Double Daredevils* Bellyrubbin' Music (Independent)
18 The Cottars* On Fire! (Warner)
19 Tangiers* Never Bring You Pleasure (Sonic Unyon)
20 Dave Quanbury* No Vacancy (Independent)
21 Various Artists Kill Bill Vol. 1 OST (Maverick)
22 Joel Kroeker* Melodrama (True North)
23 Atomic 7* En Hillbilly Caliente (Mint)
24 Billy and the Lost Boys* Breaking Down the Barriers That
25 George Bushes* Handsome (Riverdale)
26 Le Tigre This Island (Universal)
27 Po' Girl* Vagabond Lullabies (Nettwerk)
28 Jane Bunnett* Red Dragonfly (Blue Note)
29 DOA* War and Peace (Sudden Death)
30 Natalie McMaster* Blueprint (ViK)
31 The Smugglers* Mutiny in Stereo (Mint)
32 William Shatner Has Been (Shout Factory)
33 Lex Plexus** Apple-Lime (Ulusulu)
34 The Rebel Spell* Expressions in Layman's Terms (Independent)
35 Various Artists Punk Rock is Your Friend Vol. 5 (Kung Fu)
36 Leisure Suite** Passionately Falling (Independent)
37 Reid Jamieson* The Unavoidable Truth (Independent)
38 The Distillers Coral Fang (Hellcat)
39 Hayden* Elk-Lake Serenade (Hardwood)
40 Blonde Redhead Misery is a Butterfly (4AD)
41 Arcade Fire* Funeral (Merge)
42 Roxanne Potvin* Careless Lovin' (Careless)
43 Tegan and Sara* So Jealous (Superclose)
44 Iggy Pop Skull Ring (Virgin)
45 Fembots* - Mucho Cuidado (Paper Bag)
46 Sue Foley* Change (Justin Time)
47 Holly Cole* The Holly Cole Collection Vol. 1 (Alert)
48 Sarah Harmer* All Of Our Names (Universal)
49 Von Bondies Pawn Shoppe Heart (Sire)
50 Leahy* In All Things (Virgin)
51 The Black Keys Rubber Factory (Fat Possum)
52 AA Soundsystem* Lily Plain… You're Hardly Poor (New Saskatchewan)
53 The Hidden Cameras* Mississauga Goddam (Evil Evil)
54 Sweatshop Union* Natural Selection (Battleaxe)
55 Barrymores* All Nighters (Bacteria Buffet)
56 Flogging Molly Within a Mile of Home (Side One Dummy)
57 Wailin' Jennys* 40 Days (Jericho Beach)
58 Various Artists* Peg City Skank 2 (Bacteria Buffet)
59 Colin Linden* Big Mouth (True North)
60 SNFU* In the Meantime and In Between Time (Rake)
61 Radio Berlin* Sister Sounds Remixes (Global Symphonic)
62 Andre Ethier* With Christopher Sandes featuring Pickles and Price (Sonic Unyon)
63 Evalyn Parry* Unreasonable (Borealis)
64 Little Miss Moffat* Miss Canada (Independent)
65 Tanglefoot* Captured Alive! (Borealis)
66 Susie Arioli Band* That's For Me (Justin Time)
67 John Holt Help Me Make it Through the Nigh (Trojan)
68 Danny Michel* Loving the Alien (MapleMusic)
69 The Evaporators* Ripple Rock (Mint)
70 Corb Lund Band* Modern Pain (Independent)
71 Interpol Antics (Matador)
72 Camera Obscura Underachievers Please Try Harder (Merge)
73 Ima Robot Ima Robot/Alive EP (Virgin)
74 Stereolab Margarine Eclipse (Elektra)
75 John Mayall and Friends 70th Birthday Concert (Eagle)
76 The Futureheads The Futureheads (679)
77 The Paperboys* Dilapidated Beauty (True North)
78 The High Dials* Fields in Glass EP (Rainbow Quartz)
79 Alexisonfire* Watch Out! (Distort)
80 Ripcordz* Are Go(d)! (Mayday)
81 Nekromantix Dead Girls Don't Cry (Hellcat)
82 Lori Carson Stolen Beauty (Restless)
83 Eric Clapton Me and Mr. Johnson (Reprise)
84 Converge You Fail Me (Epitaph)
85 By Divine Right* Hybrid TV Genii EP/Sweet Confusion (Linus)
86 Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee Sportin' Life Blues (Proper)
87 Action Makes* Upper Down (Independent)
88 Myshell Nukina** - Live (Taiko)
89 Voodoo Jazz* Mo Fat (Independent)
90 Voodoo Glow Skulls Adiccion, Tradicion, Revolucion (Victory)
91 Brandy Zdan and Dave Quanbury* Brandy Zdan and Dave Quanbury (Independent)
92 Chris Murray* The 4-Track Adventures (Asian Man)
93 Droom* 128 ˝ Days (A Different Drum)
94 Various Artists Version City Sessions (Asian Man)
95 JFK and the Conspirators* Mash Up the Dance (Bacteria Buffet)
96 The Heptones Deep in the Roots (Heartbeat)
97 Hot Little Rocket* Our Work and Why We Do it (Catch and Release)
98 Polyphonic Spree Together We're Heavy (Hollywood)
99 Chris Tarry* Project 33 (Black Hen)
100 All State Champion* Is it Nothing to You? (FiveOneInc)

CFBX Top 25 Jazz Albums for 2004

1 NOJO* City of Neighbourhoods (True North)
2 Gene Hardy* Blow! Blow! Blow! (Independent)
3 Leisure Suite** Passionately Falling (Independent)
4 Holly Cole* The Holly Cole Collection Vol. 1 (Alert)
5 Swingamajig* Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (Independent)
6 Adrian Rose Nothing But Pearls (SRS)
7 Jane Bunnett* Red Dragonfly (Blue Note)
8 Sekoya* Sekoya (Maximum Jazz)
9 Brian Browne Trio* Blue Browne (Seajam)
10 Katie Melua Call Off the Search (Dramatico)
11 Coral Egan* My Favourite Distraction (Justin Time)
12 Lorraine Foster* Compositions by Musicians (Independent)
13 Susie Arioli Band* That's for Me (Justin Time)
14 Chris Tarry* Project 33 (Black Hen)
15 Randy Bachman* Jazz Thing (Maximum Jazz)
16 Rebekka Bakken The Art of How to Fall (Gramercy)
17 Bullfrog/Robertson* A Deeper Shade of Green EP (Independent)
18 Various Artists* Here Come the Boys (Maximum Jazz)
19 Joanna Desforges* Quiet Times (XXI-21)
20 Jake Langley* Diggin' In (Alma)
21 Voodoo Jazz* Mo Fat (Independent)
22 Lee Aaron* Beautiful Things (Fusion 3)
23 Steve Griffith/Peter Ward** 1-4-2 (Independent)
24 Sky Beneath My Feet* Sky Beneath My Feet (Independent)
25 Stephen Franke/Voices from the Toolshed* Songs for a Plantium Blonde Diner Waitress (Blue Heron)

CFBX Top 25 World Beat/Reggae Albums for 2004

1 Susan Aglukark* Big Feeling (Capitol)
2 Florent Vollant* Katak (D7)
3 Desmond Dekker Rudy Got Soul (Trojan)
4 Leahy* In All Things (Virgin)
5 John Holt Help Me Make it Through the Night (Trojan)
6 Natalie McMaster* Blueprint (ViK)
7 The Cottars* On Fire! (Warner)
8 Tanglefoot* Captured Alive (Borealis)
9 Bossacucanova Uma Batida Differente (Six Degrees)
10 Jane Bunnett* Red Dragonfly (Blue Note)
11 Irish Descendents* Across the Water (Kells Music)
12 Antibalas What is This America? (Ropeadope)
13 Various Artists Six Degrees 100 (Six Degrees)
14 Dubmatix* Champion Sound Clash (7 Arts)
15 Sly and Robbie The Dub Revolutionaries (Ariwa)
16 Omara Portuondo Flor de Amor (Warner)
17 The Melodians Sweet Sensations (Trojan)
18 Eccodeck* More Africa in Us (Independent)
19 Denzel Dennis Me Nah Worry (Trojan)
20 The Heptones Deep in the Roots (Heartbeat)
21 Michael Rose Happiness: The Best of Michael Rose (Heartbeat)
22 Bebel Gilberto Bebel Gilberto (Six Degrees)
23 Deep Forest Essense of the Forest (Sony)
24 Los Lobos The Ride (Hollywood)
25 Twilight Circus Dub Sound System* Foundation Rockers (M)

CFBX Top 25 Metal/Loud Albums for 2004

1 The End* Within Dividia (Relapse)
2 Ghoulunatics* Sabacthany (Galy)
3 Various Artists MTV2 Headbanger's Ball (Roadrunner)
4 Out of Your Mouth* Draghdad (ViK)
5 Beyond the Embrace Insect Song (Metal Blade)
6 Born of Ashes* A Force That Gives Us Meaning (Independent)
7 Killswitch Engage The End of Heartache (Roadrunner)
8 Neuraxis* Imagery/A Passage Into Forlorn (Galy)
9 Zeke Til the Living End (Relapse)
10 Infernal Majesty* The One Who Points to Death (Galy)
11 Skrape Up the Dose (RCA)
12 Sinned* Envy (Independent)
13 Divinity* Infinite Cycle EP (Independent)
14 Jaw* Jaw EP (Independent)
15 GFK* If Liberty Isn't Given, It Should Be Taken (G-7)
16 Bloodshoteye* Without Any Remorse (Galy)
17 Constructdead Violadead (Black Lodge)
18 Aggression A.D.* Forgotten Skeleton (Great White)
19 Converge You Fail Me (Epitaph)
20 Throwdown Haymaker (Trustkill)
21 Today is the Day Kiss the Pig (Relapse)
22 Blaze Blood and Belief (Steamhammer)
23 Crooked Crooked (Independent)
24 Gorerotted Only Tools and Corpses (Metal Blade)
25 Marilyn Manson Lest We Forget: The Best of (Interscope)

CFBX Top 25 Electronic Albums for 2004

1 Various Artists* Dig Your Roots: Electronic Dance (Independent)
2 I am the World Trade Center The Cover Up (Gammon)
3 Stereolab Margarine Eclipse (Elektra)
4 Lex Plexus** Apple-Lime (Ulusulu)
5 DJ Jaspa* A Long Time Coming (Independent)
6 Marlin* Grid Mode (Audio In)
7 Droom* 128 ˝ Days (A Different Drum)
8 Droom* Blood Culture EP (Independent)
9 Jon Delerious* No Warning (NordicTrax)
10 Junkie XL Radio JXL (Roadrunner)
11 Lola Dutronic* The World of Lola Dutronic (Bongobeat)
12 Lamb Between Darkness and Wonder (Mercury)
13 Various Artists Pink Panther's Penthouse Party (Virgin)
14 Jake Fairley* Touch Not the Cat (Paper Bag)
15 Myshell Nukina** Live (Taiko)
16 Inject* Inject (Independent)
17 Akido* Playtime (Independent)
18 Swankz and Verbrilli* Lifesavers (Upstairs)
19 !!! Louden Up Now (Touch and Go)
20 Various Artists Unquiet Grave Vol. 4 (Cleopatra)
21 The Prodigy Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned (XL)
22 Koop Waltz for Koop - Alternative Takes (Quango)
23 Lamb Best Kept Secrets (Mercury)
24 Crystal Method Legion of Boom (V2)
25 The Dry Heeves* Music for Psych Wards (VVVU)