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While Radio 8 was initiated as an arm of the Cariboo Student Society/TRUSU, the CFBX-FM licence is owned by the Kamloops Campus/Community Radio Society, which was established in June 2000, separating the radio station from the CSS. The Society's membership is comprised of all current TRU students who are actively enrolled and paying tuition, which includes a special radio levy, and who have approached the Society board about officially joining us. Non-students, from both campus and city, can also join the KCCRS by paying an annual membership fee.

The society has its own set of bylaws, plus a nine-member board of directors that is comprised of TRU students and administration, as well as members of the community, including at least one local professional broadcaster. While paid staff make day-to-day decisions, the board determines broader direction for the station and is ultimately responsible for CFBX. Board meetings are held monthly, and society members are welcome to attend. The KCCRS also has an annual general meeting, with specific dates, times and locations announced well in advance. All paying members of the Society are urged to take part in the AGM, as this is when the major decisions that affect the radio station and its operation are made. It is also the best time for the members to make their voices and opinions heard. We're into that democracy thing, you see, because that is what helps to give the Society, board and station the direction they need.

In addition to a full-time, paid station manager, the Society also employs a paid program/music director. When revenues permit, additional paid positions - fulltime or part-time - may be created in various areas of operation.